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Evolution of Stigma: Understanding the Progression of Stigma on Receiving Mental Health Services within Latinx Communities in the Inland Empire

Authors: Joanna Gutierrez and Ciel Rivas

Publication: CSUSB ScholarWorks

Date: November 2021

The stigmatization of mental health services within the Latinx community has led to the underutilization of these services within this population. This study examined whether the stigma on receiving mental health services has evolved over the years within the Latinx community of the Inland Empire region. An analysis of the evolution of this stigma brings insight on why this stigma exists, and what has made it increase or decrease. The study was conducted through a qualitative procedure; Individual interviews were conducted where the information gathered was analyzed through thematic analysis to identify overlapping ideas and topics. The findings supported that the perspectives on mental health services within the Latinx community differ according to generations, and that the stigma has decreased over the years. To improve mental health within the Latinx community, there needs to be efforts to destigmatize receiving mental health services. Additionally, To improve and sustain the goals of the public sector and to provide the adequate services, the mental health needs of the Latinx community need to be met. A better understanding of the stigmatization of mental health services will improve the services provided by social workers and all other mental health services providers.