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Community Health Needs Assessment (Kaiser Permanante Moreno Valley 2019 )

Author: HARC, Inc.

Publication: Kaiser Permanente

Date: 2020

For more than 70 years, Kaiser Permanente has been dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable health care services and to improving the health of our members and the communities we serve. We believe good health is a fundamental right shared by all and we recognize that good health extends beyond the doctor’s office and the hospital. It begins with healthy environments: fresh fruits and vegetables in neighborhood stores, successful schools, clean air, accessible parks, and safe playgrounds. Good health for the entire community requires equity and social and economic well-being. These are the vital signs of healthy communities. 

Better health outcomes begin where health starts, in our communities. Like our approach to medicine, our work in the community takes a prevention-focused, evidence-based approach. We go beyond traditional corporate philanthropy or grant making to pair financial resources with medical research, physician expertise, and clinical practices. Our community health strategy focuses on three areas: 

● Ensuring health access by providing individuals served at KP or by our safety net partners with integrated clinical and social services;
● Improving conditions for health and equity by engaging members, communities, and Kaiser Permanente’s workforce and assets; and
● Advancing the future of community health by innovating with technology and social solutions. 

For many years, we’ve worked side-by-side with other organizations to address serious public health issues such as obesity, access to care, and violence. And we’ve conducted Community Health Needs Assessments to better understand each community’s unique needs and resources. 4 The CHNA process informs our community investments and helps us develop strategies aimed at making long-term, sustainable change—and it allows us to deepen the strong relationships we have with other organizations that are working to improve community health.

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